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    Bill Bither
    Bill Bither MachineMetrics / February 02, 2017

    MachineMetrics February Feature Rollup

    Here is a rollowup of features we have rolled out over the past few weeks. 

    Job Performance Report Updates

    We’ve made a few updates to our Job Performance Report. First, we added the ability to search the jobs report by job name. As you type in the search bar, only jobs that match what you have typed will be displayed.

    Also, we’ve added the ability to view an individual job report for all-time. To view an all-time individual job report, from the Jobs Report, type the name of the job whose report you want to see. When the name appears as a suggestion, click on it and you will be brought to that job’s all-time report.

    Workcenter View

    We’ve made some updates to our workcenter view including a couple of customizations. First, when rejecting parts displaying the “Remove from Good Parts” checkbox is now optional. If this checkbox is enabled, operators will have the option to remove any rejected parts from the good part count in addition to increasing the number of rejected parts. Additionally, the “Planned” checkbox when categorizing downtime from the workcenter view is also optional. If this checkbox is enabled, operators can classify a downtime as either planned or unplanned from the workcenter view. Both of these options can be found on the “System Settings Page” under the “Workcenter View” section.

    We’ve also added the ability to categorize multiple periods of uncategorized downtime at once. From the downtime list in the workcenter view, click “Select Multiple”. This allows you to choose multiple downtime periods and categorize them like you would categorize any single period of downtime by clicking on “Categorize Multiple” at the bottom of the screen.


    We’ve now added the ability for job cycle times to be entered as parts per hour. From the system settings page under the “Data Entry” section “Parts Per Hour” is now an option for the “Cycle Time Entry” field. When selected, you can input the expected and ideal number of parts (up to three decimal places) a job should produce over the course of an hour.

    We have also added the ability to archive part rejection reasons. From the system settings page, select a reason and click the “Archive” button to archive the selected reason.

    Job Runs

    When looking at Job Runs, we’ve added the ability to specify a timeframe. This feature not only allows you to view historical job runs, but also future job runs by specifying dates in the future.


    One feature we have added is the ability to split a downtime period from the timeline view. Select a downtime and click on the “Split” button, set the reason for each downtime, adjust the start time for the second downtime and save changes.

    Also, downtime categories can now be archived from the system settings page. Select a downtime category and click on the “Archive” button to archive the downtime category.

    Warmup Programs

    We’ve also added the ability to specify one or more warmup programs for each workcenter from the Workcenters page. To specify a list of warmup programs, click on a workcenter and find the “Warmup” field on the form. This field accepts a list of warmup program names, separated by a semicolon. Any time a warmup program is running on a workcenter, the workcenter will be considered inactive.

    Optional Shifts

    Finally, we have also added the ability to designate a shift as “optional”. When dispatching a job, optional shifts will be skipped. When dispatching a job during an optional shift, the job will run continuously (including during optional shifts) until it is stopped. This is useful when you have overnight shifts or weekend shifts that are only occasionally run. After dispatching a job, you can open the job run, and edit the shifts to include the optional shift if you are going to run the job over an optional shift.


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