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    Eric Hagopian
    Eric Hagopian MachineMetrics / December 16, 2016

    The Emerging Catalyst Behind Increasing Uptime and Lowering Costs



    With shrinking budgets and production facilities that are becoming more disconnected and distant, manufacturers are facing a tough challenge when it comes to production efficiency.

    Many struggle to keep key personnel involved in ongoing operations.

    Managers and engineers - and other employees responsible for ensuring

    production quality and efficiency - must be closely aligned with what’s going on on the shop floor.

    But for many companies, the logistics of physically getting people to production facilities where they’re needed has become a scheduling nightmare.

    And that can have a negative impact on lean production - a must in today’s competitive environment.

    Production efficiency depends on finding practical ways to streamline operations and limit downtime.

    A New Way To Limit Unnecessary Downtime

    Cue remote monitoring.

    Working from a centralized location, remote monitoring makes it possible for managers and engineers to monitor real-time performance data across multiple plant locations and communicate with on-site personnel to address maintenance and repair issues.

    It can breathe new life into a struggling lean production effort.  

    Now, remote monitoring isn’t new.

    In fact, the corporate community has been using it as “go-to” strategy for years - especially where IT related services are involved..

    Instead of having to deploy IT support personnel to every office, many corporations have centralized their IT staff or outsourced it to a vendor.

    Remote monitoring makes it all possible with its ability to eliminate distance as a production efficiency barrier.   

    Employee questions, software updates and issues that need troubleshooting can all be handled from remote locations.

    For businesses, this means more efficient use of employee manpower, reduced travel costs and quick resolution of problems.

    Remote Monitoring For Manufacturers: Why Now?  

    So what’s behind the manufacturing industry’s interest in remote monitoring as a means of ramping up production efficiency?

    Although there are a number of factors, the main driver is the emergence of new enabling technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.

    Simply put, they have become game changers.

    When combined, these evolving forces allow manufacturers to create a universal, highly-connected infrastructure tied together with a remote access strategy.

    Expensive, on-site visits have been replaced by cost-efficient online support.

    The bottom line for manufacturers: new opportunities for improving machine uptime.

    How Remote Monitoring Changes The Game

    For example, using remote monitoring, a company that manufactures medical diagnostic equipment can now capture and assess data remotely from its global plants.

    That information can be shared instantly with all key members of its production team allowing them to gain deeper insights into how to optimize production efficiency.

    A remote, real-time monitoring system would allow the manufacturer to detect faults, warnings or abnormalities and instantly share it with appropriate personnel for immediate attention.

    Lean production becomes easier when the right tools are in place.

    Unnecessary downtime can be avoided. And even if downtime can’t be completely eliminated, the maintenance team can get a headstart on diagnosing the root cause so corrective action can be taken in a timely way.

    Remote monitoring gives manufacturers the opportunity to connect the right information with the right people so they can make well-informed decisions.

    For manufacturers serious about staying competitive in today’s connected world, a remote monitoring system that supports predictive or preventive maintenance isn’t a luxury - it’s a necessity.


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