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    Bill Bither
    Bill Bither Manufacturing News / April 07, 2020

    Two ways advanced manufacturing is helping fight the coronavirus

    The manufacturing industry is playing a huge role in the fight against coronavirus. 

    This global pandemic is causing businesses to adapt quickly to fill demand and do their part to help. 

    Here are two ways that advanced manufacturing is making that possible! 

    1. 3D Printing

    The current situation really demonstrates the power and the benefits of 3D printing. 

    One of the main benefits of 3D printing is its versatility! That is evident all over the country and the world as manufacturers change their priorities and their outputs completely to meet the massive demand for medical supplies. 

    From large scale to small, many manufacturers have been able to do their part! Even a high school teacher found a way to pitch in using a design that is now free online to 3D print masks for a local hospital. 

    2. Utilizing technology

    Technology has played a huge role in slowing the spread of the coronavirus across so many industries by allowing for many employees to work from home. 

    This is especially true in manufacturing. Without advanced technology, many more workers would still need to be onsite in order to keep things running. Remote monitoring and cloud-based solutions are becoming more and more essential. 

    We want to see manufacturers staying busy while staying safe and producing necessary supplies. That's why we have set up support for the front line manufacturers doing incredibly important work. This includes free access to our platform for those businesses among other things. Click here to learn more!


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