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    Dave Westrom
    Dave Westrom Industry 4.0 / November 20, 2019

    Two ways to get your staff ready for Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 is changing the landscape of the manufacturing industry and employees need to be prepared. 

    Whether this means updating their skills, buying into the idea, or just gaining knowledge - there are a few things you can do as an employer or a manager. 

    Here are two ways you can get your staff ready for Industry 4.0. 

    1: Communicate

    Communication is always key, but this is especially true during times of change. As much as possible, communicate with your staff about what these changes could look like and how it will affect them. 

    Additionally, you should be communicating resources. Your staff members will need to update their knowledge and understanding as the field changes. 

    Plant Services said, "There is always going to be a need for employees in manufacturing, but they risk being overwhelmed by the technology, making it more difficult to follow through on their tasks effectively."

    This leads us to our next point.

    2. Train them on new skills

    As the field changes, positions in manufacturing are changing as well. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't great opportunities to learn and grow!

    There's a shortage of trained employees in the manufacturing industry - so retrain good people you already have!

    Forbes reported, "Executives must make a concerted effort to train and engage their employees to have IIoT take off. This means investing time, budgets and energy in making sure to get it right — recognizing where the new job opportunities will be and what type of retraining is necessary."

    It all comes down to good communication and transparency. 


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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