Industrial IoT Platform for Predictive Manufacturing Analytics

MachineMetrics is an Industrial IoT analytics platform that monitors and analyzes manufacturing data in real-time. With simple “self-install” IIoT connectivity, MachineMetrics provides visualizations of real-time production, instant notifications, and predictive capabilities that help identify production bottlenecks, measure process improvements, schedule predictive maintenance, and drive manufacturing efficiency.

MachineMetrics is easy to integrate, simple to use, and produces powerful results: We're driving production output by more than 20% on average for our customers.

CNC Machine Monitoring Software for OEE & Lean Manufacturing | MachineMetrics

“There was Fastenal pre-MachineMetrics and Fastenal post-MachineMetrics. We can’t imagine what life would be like if you took it away - it’s that ingrained in our day to day operations.”

- Tim Borkowski, VP of Manufacturing, Fastenal

Sample Clients
It all starts with a network connection to your machines - either via ethernet or through hardware kits that can be shipped to you. You choose to self-integrate, or have MachineMetrics come on-site.
Data Transfer
Data flows from each machine to an onsite IoT Gateway that isolates the machine network from the public internet. Machine data is encrypted before being securely relayed to the MachineMetrics cloud.
Big Data
Machine and Operator data is stored, aggregated, and analyzed in the cloud, giving factory workers actionable insights with real-time dashboards, reports, and notifications.
Adds Human
Context to
Machine Data
Tablets mounted to individual machines display job performance and provide operators a simple interface to make the machine data smarter: Categorize downtime, track setup, reject parts, and indicate tool changes.
TV Monitors on the shop floor display the performance of jobs against their goals. Each tile represents one machine and are color-coded so staff can identify machines that are underperforming and quickly correct any problems.
Plant managers can use MachineMetrics robust OEE reporting and analytics capabilities to measure and improve machine utilization and productivity. View factory data on the go with mobile views for all reports and dashboards.
By at Least 10%
With new data transparency you can improve quoting by knowing actual cycle times and increase machine capacity by better understanding downtime due to inspection, maintenance, and setup. Ensure on-time delivery by knowing when a work order is likely to be completed.

"MachineMetrics enabled CPM to increase capacity by $1.5 million in 2016 with no additional machines!"

-Gary Bruner, President of Carolina Precision Manufacturing

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Industrial IoT for Manufacturing

MachineMetrics is an Industrial IoT predictive analytics platform that helps manufacturers make faster, informed, confident decisions based on real-time data.

Use MachineMetrics to monitor, manage, diagnose and resolve production or machine health issues for any piece of connected equipment in one or all manufacturing facilities. Determine if a corrective action can be taken before it impacts your asset’s performance so you can optimize your manufacturing production and efficiency.

With instant notifications, real-time dashboards and historical Analytics reporting, we help companies turn Smart Manufacturing into reality.
This added transparency on the factory floor is helping our customers increase OEE and manufacturing efficiency by over 20% on average.

Our user friendly software easily integrates with any machine type including precision CNC, SWISS, Stamping, Fabrication, Die, and Mold, as well as any shop floor system such as ERP, CMMS, Quality Management, and MES.

At MachineMetrics, our focus is to bring Industrial IOT to the factory floor with the easiest to use, simplest to integrate platform for companies who want to embrace data-driven manufacturing and transform toward Industry 4.0.