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Machine Monitoring Software
for Lean Manufacturing and Improved OEE

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MachineMetrics is a real-time manufacturing analytic platform that makes monitoring your CNC machines simple. Our machine monitoring software system helps manufacturers make faster, more informed decisions based on real-time data.

With instant notifications, real-time dashboards and historical Pareto reporting we turn lean manufacturing into reality. This added transparency at the factory floor is helping companies increasing OEE and production rates by over 20%.

Our user friendly monitoring software easily integrates into Precision CNC machines, SWISS, Stamping, and Die and Mold shops.

At MachineMetrics our focus is to bring Industrial IOT to the factory floor with a simple to integrate and easy to use software system.


Shop-Floor Dashboard

Realtime Factory Floor Dashboards

Make real-time decisions with configurable dashboards and notifications that monitor production against goals. Display dashboards on big screen TVs across the shop floor. Access from any internet connected mobile device when on the go.


Operator Views

Beautiful Workcenter views that give operators real-time performance data with the ability to track downtime and rejected parts. Designed for a touchscreen tablet device.

Downtime and Quality Pareto Charts

Downtime and Quality Pareto Charts

Downtime and Quality Pareto charts at your fingertips that will immediately identify the most significant recurring problems at your factory as opposed to responding to the latest problem of the day.

Machine Timeline & Historical OEE Reporting

Machine Timeline & Historical OEE Reporting

Troubleshoot problems with a timeline that displays every event as it happened with the ability to categorize downtimes. Historical reports will display trend charts of part production, availability, overrides, and OEE performance.

Job Scheduling and Dispatching

Job Scheduling and Dispatching

Graphically manage your job schedules ahead of time, or let your operator's dispatch jobs as needed right from the operator view into setup or production. Easily modify schedules and update goals. Update schedules automatically with an ERP integration.

Automatic Data Collection

Automatic Data Collection

Collect data from any CNC machine automatically with seamless support for MTConnect, Fanuc Focus 2, OPC and over 100 various PLCs including Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley, Yaskawa, and Yokogawa.

Watch the video-- see how VSS, a CNC machine shop, is benefiting from MachineMetrics.

I’d have to hire 30 people to accomplish what MachineMetrics does.
— Steve Capshaw, President of VSS

"MachineMetrics does not waste anyone's time," says Steve Capshaw, CEO of VSS, Inc. From simply installing MachineMetrics on the shop floor, VSS experienced an immediate 10% increase in production. They realized an additional 10% increase when they started taking action on the real-time data the software provides.

We already saved over 900 hours of production time.
— Gary Bruner, President of Carolina Precision

Watch the video-- see how Carolina Precision improved their efficiencies through MachineMetrics OEE Software.

"Visual real-time performance data has changed our business," says Gary Bruner of Carolina Precision. "Now that we've transitioned to MachineMetrics we are seeing benefits above and beyond what you would normally expect to see out of data collection. The information we get, changes the way we work. The simplicity of MachineMetrics is something I can't say enough about." 

Increase Production by 20%
MachineMetrics system provides complete visibility into the performance of jobs, machines, and people. Manufacturers are able to improve operations, maximize OEE, and increase production.

Improve Utilization of Existing Equipment
Increase part output without buying more CNC machines, increasing the shop footprint, or hiring more employees. Complete jobs faster and be open to more opportunities.

Improve On-time Delivery
With immediate notifications when production doesn’t meet expectations, problems can be averted at any time of the day, ensuring delivery of jobs stay on track.

Increase Self-Management and Satisfaction
Employees get live feedback on the performance of their work. Managers can understand when employees are meeting expectations and give recognition or help when there is a need.

No Manual Data Input
No need for employees to manually record data or input it by hand or for managers to process that data to make it meaningful and actionable.

Find and Fix Repetitive Problems
Historical performance reporting provides insight into patterns, problems that occur, and performance over time. This allows managers to change processes and fix those problems. 

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