In this demonstration, maintenance and production workflows are automated through a modern cloud software stack that connects and minimizes human data entry. This data is used to provide better insights, improved quoting, and improved user experiences.

MachineMetrics provides the machine data infrastructure that optimizes workflows around the machine but also connects to maintenance and production systems. MaintainX consumes machine data to identify when maintenance should be performed on equipment to prevent unplanned downtime, manage maintenance work orders, and provide work instructions to maintenance technicians. Fulcrum tracks all work in process, inventory, and quality to manage manufacturing operations while integrating with best-in-breed accounting systems. VKS will provide work instructions and an inspection/assembly workbench that’s connected to the MES for real-time quality tracking.

MachineMetrics is a production monitoring platform for machine data that easily connects to manufacturing equipment, captures real-time data and delivers tools that allow manufacturers to quickly identify and address areas of operational improvement on the shop floor.
A med-device manufacturer's OEE improved by 30% in
6 months
MaintainX helps you track your reactive maintenance, preventative maintenance, and control the daily operations of your business.
Reduce downtime by
20 percent
Fulcrum supports the next generation of manufacturers with digital workflows, automated scheduling, and intuitive job tracking delivered in the cloud.
Helping solve a massive problem for US Manufacturers
286B USD
Digital work instructions are changing the way people share knowledge. By capturing the experience of senior operators, VKS empowers companies to create custom checklists and interactive visual instructions that guarantee process compliance every time. And by gathering real-time data from IoT-connected systems and tools, VKS enables companies to make intelligent decisions for sustainable growth. This technology is a tool for companies to ensure ongoing success in the future.
Kone Corporation cut their production time with VKS by
75% percent