Case Study

Paragon Medical Doubles Capacity with No Additional Machines


Featured Customer

Matt Townsend
Senior Director of Manufacturing Strategy, Paragon Medical


“With the ROI of a three-month pilot at one facility, we were able to pay for the deployment of MachineMetrics across the entire company.” - Matt Townsend, Senior Director of Manufacturing Strategy, Paragon Medical

Paragon Medical is a medical device manufacturer based out of Pierceton, Indiana. The organization spans 15 sites across four countries and manages a diverse range of over 1,000 pieces of equipment, including grinders, mills, and lathes, as well as specialized machine assets, such as coilers, thermoforming machines, and extruders.

The many machine assets and processes that Paragon employs have historically made it a challenge to understand the true machining capability and capacity of the operation. This challenge was amplified by the multiple locations the enterprise operates across as well as the manual data tracking strategies the team was using.

After a rigorous assessment process, Paragon chose MachineMetrics as their solution to roll out across the enterprise. One year later, we sat down with Matt Townsend, Paragon’s Senior Director of Manufacturing Strategy, to discuss how MachineMetrics has changed day-to-day operations at Paragon and enabled deep production visibility, resulting in significant increases in machine capacity, OEE, and bottom line financials.

These results include:

  • 100% increase in production in bottlenecked areas
  • 140% increase in machine utilization
  • 49% increase in OEE
  • 5,800 additional good parts produced
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