Webinar Recording

Automate Your Production Monitoring with Machine Data



Bill Blog Author
Bill Bither
Co-Founder and CEO, MachineMetrics


Manufacturers rely on Production Monitoring solutions to gain a comprehensive, real-time view of what is happening in their facility, including which jobs are being run on which machines. Without the right technology in your arsenal, this is easier said than done.

To gain visibility into Job status, many solutions require operators to painstakingly import data from their MES or ERP first. But this approach is backwards and unnecessarily time-intensive.

In reality, all of the information you need to fully understand production is within your machine data. Production happens on the machines, so machines should inform people and systems, not the other way around.

Join this session to learn how automated production monitoring solutions capture accurate, real-time machine data and automate data flow to other business systems, helping manufacturers achieve greater visibility and efficiency.


  • The benefits of Automated Production Monitoring powered by real-time machine data.
  • Reducing the burden on frontline workers by eliminating needless manual tasks.
  • Using machine data to inform business systems and people, not the other way around.