Machine Monitoring for Tool, Die, and Mold CNC

As manufacturing costs rise, the price of molds, tools, and dies has remained stagnant. Manufacturers need an edge to reduce waste and process inefficiencies while retaining quality production. Machine data is the answer, unlocking accurate production data to identify bottlenecks and optimize processes.

Reduce the Cost of Quality

Tools, dies, and molds are key components in mass production. It’s essential that manufacturers of tooling have highly precise production requirements, but few have insight into the wasted costs of manufacturing high-quality products.

  • Develop accurate work standards to ensure inefficiencies are rooted out from processes
  • Track and reduce cycle times from bloated processes to deliver high quality products at a lowered cost

Improve Overall Production Efficiency

As manufacturing costs rise, the price of molds, dies, and tools have remained stagnant. To compete, manufacturers need machine data to drive production efficiency.

  • Use accurate production data to identify and resolve production bottlenecks across the operation
  • Exploit hidden capacity by monitoring machine utilization and deploying resources more effectively

Improve Efficiency by 20% with Real-Time Visibility

Our impact on customers
15% Increase in Uptime
90 Days to ROI
20% Increase in Efficiency

We let our results speak for themselves.

MEC Drives Bottom Line Impact with MachineMetrics.

Engineering Manager Michael Wisnefsky highlights the challenges MEC faced and how his team used MachineMetrics to increase uptime by 15% and efficiency by 20%.
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