Tool, Die & Mold CNC

Machine Monitoring for Tool, Die, and Mold CNC

MachineMetrics provides the real-time insights and analytics that a mold or toolmaker requires to keep ahead of the competition.

Current methods of measurement and data collection can be time consuming, inaccurate, and outdated. While many companies still use dedicated employees to collect utilization data, most recorded data is not very actionable without the ability to visualize results in real-time.

Using MachineMetrics Real-Time Dashboards gives operators the information they need to make faster decisions. Simple color-coding provides an at-a-glance indication if the job is performing at or below expectations and is measured in real-time.

MachineMetrics makes tool, die, and mold shops more productive with:

  • Real-time dashboards offer immediate visualization of utilization, OEE, set-ups/changeovers, and machine status.
  • Instant notifications via text and email when a machine goes inactive for a specified amount of time allowing factory workers to respond to problems immediately.
  • Reduce downtime with an operator interface mounted right at the machine for categorizing downtime in real-time that’s easy to use and engaging. Pareto charts are generated automatically from this data.
  • Motivate operators and improve accountability by setting machine uptime or OEE goals that are viewable from operator interfaces, and shop-floor dashboards.
  • Detailed Machine Analytics that will report all machine information such as faults, programs, cycles, status, overrides in a timeline view, and exportable for any period of time.
  • Detailed Job Analytics that will report on how long a job took to run, downtime & quality pareto, setup times, and OEE job efficiency.
  • Simple Machine Integration for CNC machines with FANUC i-series, Heidenhain, and Siemens 840D controls with limited on-site software required.
  • Machine Monitoring for Tool, Die, and Mold CNC
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