Precision Metalworking CNC

Machine Monitoring for Precision Metalworking CNC

Keeping track of changeovers, parts, and production is a challenge for any precision metalworking company. Every day you face the pressures of global competition, ensuring on-time delivery for your customers, and maintaining profitability for yourself.

MachineMetrics makes Precision Metalworkers more productive with:

  • Real-time dashboards offer visualization of utilization, parts vs goal, OEE, set-up tracking, and machine status.
  • Instant notifications via text and email when a machine goes inactive or when a machine falls behind its production goals allowing factory workers to respond to problems immediately.
  • Reduce downtime with an operator interface mounted right at the machine for categorizing downtime in real-time that’s easy to use and engaging. Pareto charts are generated automatically from this data.
  • Motivate operators and improve accountability by setting machine uptime or OEE goals that are viewable from operator interfaces, and shop-floor dashboards.
  • Detailed Machine Analytics that will report all machine information such as faults, programs, cycles, status, overrides in a timeline view, and exportable for any period of time.
  • Detailed Job Analytics that will report on how long a job took to run, downtime & quality pareto, setup times, and OEE job efficiency.
  • Multi-Pallet support that will associate operations with program names when running unmanned. 
  • Simple Machine Integration for CNC machines with MTConnect, FANUC i-series controls, Heidenhain, and Siemens 840D, Mitsubishi M70, and Citizen M700 controls with limited on-site software and IT support required. MachineMetrics integrators can come on site to connect to older equipment.

"There was VSS pre-MachineMetrics and VSS post-MachineMetrics. We can't imagine what life would be like if you took it away - it's that ingrained in our day to day operations." - Steve Capshaw, President, VSS

From simply installing MachineMetrics on the shop floor, VSS experienced an immediate 10% increase in production. They realized an additional 10% increase when they started taking action on the real-time data the software provides.

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