Machine Monitoring for Precision Metalworking

Keeping track of changeovers, parts, and production is a challenge for any precision metalworking company. MachineMetrics makes it easy by collecting and standardizing data across all your equipment, ensuring you have the information you need to deliver parts on time.

Improve Capacity and Machine Utilization

Whether your production environment is high-mix low-volume or low-mix high-volume, use machine data to amplify your investment in equipment and people.

  • High-mix low-volume: Reduce your setup/changeover times and optimize job standards to ensure jobs are managed as efficiently as possible.
  • Low-mix high-volume: Track an accurate measure of cycle times, machine utilization, and downtime to easily optimize processes and increase capacity.

Keep Machines Running and Avoid Downtime

Leverage real-time machine conditions to manage equipment health, reduce downtime events, and empower your maintenance team to advance from preventive to predictive.

  • Enable notifications based on machine alarms and condition thresholds to fix problems immediately
  • Stream machine diagnostics and conditions into a CMMS to automatically generate work orders

Improve Efficiency by 20% with Real-Time Visibility

Our impact on customers
20% Increase in OEE
6% Increase in OTD
15% Decrease in tooling spend
52 Days to ROI
90% Reduction in past dues
60% Decrease in turnover rate

We let our results do the talking.

Shop Floor Communication, Redefined

Learn how AccuRounds was able to get complete operational visibility with MachineMetrics, resulting in a significant reduction of waste and a 20% increase in OEE.
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