the machinemetrics iot platform
How it works

MachineMetrics has simplified IoT connectivity with an inexpensive edge device that enables secure ethernet, wifi, and cellular communication while connecting directly to machine tool PLCs and controls. Add your own sensors or connect legacy equipment with digital and analog I/O that is configured and managed remotely through a web interface.


Encrypted data is streamed to the secure MachineMetrics cloud where the data is structured and aggregated to enable visualizations and analytics. Access to the historical and real-time data is available through open APIs. Real-time dashboards, historical analysis, and integrations with other systems can be built with these APIs.

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The analytics engine will monitor machine condition and other manufacturing data and initiate an action, such as text notifications when a monitor is triggered. A rules engine is provided for deploying monitors based on machine condition data and patent pending advanced machine learning algorithms can be deployed for detecting anomalous behavior.

Simple Connectivity
MachineMetrics is machine agnostic and connects to most modern machine tools via ethernet. Collectible data points from CNC Machines include Status, Modes, Alarms, Overrides, Load, Speeds, Feeds, and more. Protocols supporting plug-and-play ethernet connectivity include: MTConnect, Fanuc, OPC-UA, Mitsubishi, Citizen, Haas, Heidenhain, Siemens Sinumerik, and Modbus.
MachineMetrics Edge supports digital and analog I/O for machines without a standard connectivity option. With a simple scripting language that's configurable in the web or mobile application, sophisticated logic can be used to integrate even the most challenging equipment. Consult with our documentation or integration specialists to connect to older equipment yourself, or our field integrators can come on-site and handle everything for you.
Any analog or digital sensor, such as temperature, vibration, pressure, power, can be added as a new asset or in addition to an existing asset. Our simple scripting language can be used to add complex logic and remotely update the sensor connectivity at the edge.
View real-time status and display open incidents of all your assets in a single view. Easily add new assets with a click of a button.
Diagnostics & Reporting
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Real-time view of all data from an industrial asset with the ability to export any to a CSV.
Inspect any data item in real-time with time series graphs. Identify bottlenecks, and diagnose troubling issues. Display machine execution status along-side cycles, alarms, programs, controller mode, and streaming analog data.
Reveal hidden capacity, and justify capital expenditures with equipment utilization historical reporting. Display trends by hour, shift, day and month.
Display full history of all alarms from each asset.
AI-Driven Analytics
A flexible rules engine can be configured to monitor any stream of data, and when triggered, take an action. An action can include a text notification, an email, or an incident. A simple rule could detect an asset that is down for more than 10 minutes. A more advanced rule would trigger when a spindle load exceeds a threshold 5 times in the previous 8 hrs.
When a rule is triggered, one option is to create an incident. Incidents are used when action needs to be taken by an individual. Incidents can be assigned, reassigned, and resolved with full audit history. Assets will show open incidents whenever an asset is viewed in MachineMetrics.
MachineMetrics has the ability to run machine learning algorithms using multiple sources of data. These algorithms can run at the edge, or in the cloud and are used to detect anomalies, which are great predictive indicators of problems. Either use built-in Machine Learning algorithms, or if you have your own data science team, deploy your own.
APIs & Applications
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MachineMetrics includes out-of-the-box applications built on the platform for monitoring production in manufacturing operations and for monitoring health for manufacturers that use CNC Machine Tools. Capabilities include ERP Integrations, Job/Part Tracking, Downtime Tracking, Operator Insights, Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Analytics.
Build powerful Industrial IoT applications and integrations with robust RESTFUL API's. Support for OAUTH2 enables MachineMetrics to be embedded inside other web applications. For more information, read the developer's guide.
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