Machinemetrics Developer Apis

Learn the basics of the MachineMetrics Developer APIs.
MachineMetrics Developer APIs
MachineMetrics is built to be extended in ways that we can’t even imagine. Use our APIs to build historical reports on production data bringing attention to areas where improvements can be made, build applications that leverage access to real-time machine data to mitigate issues in real-time, gather data into your own data lake for deeper analysis, and connect MachineMetrics to best-of-breed factory floor and back office systems to drive your business with data.
Historical Reporting
Flexibility is critical to getting the data that drives change. Aggregate data is available through our Production APIs for historical reporting which enable comparing the performance of machines, cells, shifts, operators, setups, downtime, quality, and alarms over time.
System Integrations
Connecting systems allows you to automate the way data flows within your organization. Our APIs make it simple to connect factory floor systems like ERPs to get accurate data in and out. Workflows can be built using no-code tools, but they can also be extended with your own code (or directly) through webhooks in to and out of other systems.
Knowing what your machines are doing in-the-moment allows for issues to be resolved before they start costing you money. GraphQL allows for real-time machine and operational data to be streamed to a custom interface for your operators, engineers, and floor supervisors to react quickly with data. All of your data is available to you, now.
MachineMetrics Developer Hub
Through the use of our Rest and GraphQL APIs, you have access to all of your machine and operational layer data. With the right tools like the GraphiQL Explorer in our example application, you are able to explore your data with queries that allow you to define the type and shape of the data you need to build your application - ad-hoc.
Easily Authenticate with OAuth
MachineMetrics was built with custom and third party applications in mind. Allowing applications to authenticate users using OAuth takes the burden of building secure access to highly valuable machining data.
Templates for Getting Started
Tools are available in GitHub offering tools, boilerplate, and example code for getting started. No need to write your own implementation of the OAuth flow or connect tools like Apollo to our GraphQL instance — we’ve done the hard work for you. Focus on building amazing things that make meaningful improvements to your business.
Empower the Machine Data Digital Thread

Seamlessly connect MachineMetrics with your current shop floor systems to integrate machine data across your digital factory. Our data is completely portable through our REST and GraphQl APIs to integrate your machine data into existing BI workflows, reports, ERP systems. Extend the MachineMetrics UI to build your own operator UI and apps, bring in a 3rd-party application such as quality or work instructions, and customize operator visuals for various factory workers.

mm20_icon_R2_pm kpi dash@4x


Extend data from MachineMetrics into BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Klipfolio to build your own dashboards and interfaces.


mm20_icon_R2_eaas customer access


Build rules-based workflows for any shop floor data item including machine conditions, alarms, performance metrics, and KPIs to trigger operator actions via machine or system automation.

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Connect factory floor systems like ERPs to get accurate data in and out to improve job quoting accuracy, scheduling, and inventory management.