Revolutionizing Swiss CNC Manufacturing

Swiss manufacturers have little to no visibility into production efficiency and machine utilization due to manual methods of measurement and data collection. MachineMetrics automates production data collection to deliver real-time insights.

Reduce Setup and Changeover Times

Developing finished parts with no need for secondary operations is a major advantage for Swiss CNC manufacturers. But most have no insight into crucial KPIs. MachineMetrics surfaces this data for visibility:

  • Accurately track setup and changeover times to ensure cycle times are not inflated by process inefficiencies
  • Monitor downtime events to find the most common reason for downtime and less-than-satisfactory utilization

Reduce Tool Wear and Tool Breakage

The slightest wear on a tool can create a part that does not meet specifications. 

  • Monitor tool wear to ensure tools are changed before they lead to scrap parts
  • Use tool life data to optimize the useful life of tools, extending their ROI while avoiding breakages

Improve Efficiency by 20% with Real-Time Visibility

Our impact on customers
305 Production Hours Saved
150K More Parts Produced
0 Hours of Added Labor
50 More Jobs Taken On
11% Increase in Machine Utilization
<30 Days to Achieve ROI

We Let Our Results Do the Talking.

Building the Future in Real-Time

For Fastenal, their investment in MachineMetrics paid for itself in less than 30 days and allowed them to run faster, gain production hours, take on more jobs, and produce more parts than ever before.
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