Customer Testimonial

Optimizing Overall Equipment Efficiency and Utilization at Avalign Technologies



Matt Townsend
OEE Director, Avalign Technologies


Avalign Technologies, a medical device manufacturer with facilities across the US, was experiencing difficulty tracking OEE and machine downtime, leading to issues on the shop floor that included poor machine performance, unclear standard operating procedures, and production bottlenecks.

MachineMetrics helped Avalign provide best-in-class medical equipment by giving them full control of machine and operational data, allowing them to build a strong, competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In this customer testimonial, OEE Director Matt Townsend discusses the impact of deploying MachineMetrics across four of Avalign's facilities. Learn how instant visibility into shop floor performance resulted in:

  • A 25-30% increase in OEE
  • A more effectively leveraged workforce
  • Millions of dollars of profit in increased capacity (without additional equipment)
  • Increased throughput via the reduction of bottlenecks.
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