Case Study

Transforming Manufacturing Operations: Carolina Precision’s Success with MachineMetrics



Gary Bruner
President, Carolina Precision


Carolina Precision Manufacturing, a contract manufacturer specializing in CNC Swiss Turn with a focus on aerospace and specialized industrial sectors, has revolutionized its data collection and operational efficiency by integrating MachineMetrics into their workflow.

Previously reliant on manual data collection and entry into their ERP system, the company has now embraced real-time data analysis, allowing immediate response to production issues. This shift has significantly improved their capability to address problems as they occur rather than reacting to the previous day's data.

One notable impact of this change was demonstrated by their cell lead who, in a single afternoon, optimized machine programs and eliminated non-productive time, saving over 900 hours in annual production time. This efficiency gain exemplifies the benefits that surpass initial expectations from mere data collection.

The real-time monitoring provided by MachineMetrics has become an essential part of their operations, offering a simple and intuitive interface that requires no extensive training. Employees can monitor and manage multiple machines effortlessly, enhancing productivity and becoming more valuable to the organization. This ease of use contrasts with complex ERP systems, where there's a risk of making errors in data handling.

Carolina Precision Manufacturing views MachineMetrics as a vital tool in their quest to become an outstanding company. After only three months of implementation, the platform has become integral to their operations, and they anticipate it will continue to be a cornerstone of their manufacturing process. The company recognizes that real-time machine monitoring is critical for staying competitive and believes that without it, manufacturers risk falling behind.

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