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Fastenal Manufacturing
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Fastenal Case Study

Fastenal Manufacturing is a diverse and constantly expanding business. Now with 8 manufacturing facilities across multiple continents, the company has experienced dramatic growth in their machining capabilities, transitioning from a simple job shop environment with low production quantities to a large-scale global operation with thousands of different jobs and high-volumes of production.

This growth has made it increasingly necessary to embrace data-driven strategy and digital technology to enhance understanding of machine utilization, primary downtime reasons, quality issues, to optimize manufacturing efficiency and implement process improvements.

The Problem
Poor production visibility and manual data entry lead to inefficiency and delays
Fastenal needed real-time visibility into how well a high variety of jobs were coming along to ensure efficiency, quality, and on-time delivery. Managers required the ability to collect and understand increasingly impactful downtime/setup procedures (as previous manual tracking efforts were time-consuming and prone to errors) and make proactive vs. reactive improvements. Difficult to aggregate, structure, and analyze data from numerous machine types, shop-floor systems, and multiple manufacturing locations that were currently isolated into silos to provide true production transparency and create actionable insights.
The Solution
The MachineMetrics Advantage

Fastenal partnered with an AWS Partner MachineMetrics to gain greater understanding of its own production and embark on their digital manufacturing transformation. Empowered by the AWS virtual private multi-tenant cloud, MachineMetrics was installed at Fastenal Manufacturing facilities to collect data from all shop floor assets. Real-time dashboards mounted on the shop floor displayed how jobs were coming along, including automatically recommending ways to optimize performance. Tablets mounted at the machine tool allowed for operators to track jobs, setups, and add human context to machine downtime. Automated text and email notifications alerted shop floor workers of pending problems including maintenance events that were able to reduce the number of unplanned and costly outages. 

Leveraging the scalability, flexibility, reliability, security, and cost effectiveness of AWS, MachineMetrics open API’s allowed for data aggregation across all of Fastenal's shop-wide systems, the ability to build custom applications, dashboards, and analytics that provided the right data to the right person at the right time.
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“MachineMetrics visualizes the data in a way that makes it so easy to use, it’s just plug and play. They listen and learn from us, just like we do with our own process. Their system allows us to engage our brains in a different way. Now, when we have an issue with a job, we can apply what we’ve learned and implement it into the future. We no longer have to be reactive.”

“With MachineMetrics, we boosted production by more than 100 hours each month in the first three months alone,” said Tim Borkowski, vice president of manufacturing at Fastenal, a global maker of industrial equipment. “There’s no more educated guessing or finger-pointing; there’s a solid reason behind everything and every decision we make. I can’t imagine what life would be like if you took it away. It’s that ingrained in our day-to-day operations.”

Tim Borkowski, VP of Fastenal Manufacturing

All facilities experienced an 11% increase in machine utilization within the month.
"We have been able to boost production by over 100 hours each month. It is the same as adding two and a half weeks on to each month!”
—Tim Borkowski
Director of Manufacturing, Fastenal
The Metrics
11% Increase in machine utilization
305 Production Hours Saved
150K More Parts Produced
0 Hours of added labor
<30 Days to Achieve Roi
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Fastenal: Building the Future in Real-Time
Our latest success story features Fastenal, a major industrial supplier of fasteners and tools based in Winona, Minnesota. We interviewed their manufacturing team to learn about all of the fantastic gains they have experienced since their implementation of MachineMetrics. Their investment in MachineMetrics paid for itself in less than 30 days and allowed them to run faster, gain production hours, take on more jobs, and produce more parts than ever before.
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