Crossing the Chasm: From Data to Action



Matt Townsend
CEO and Founder, Sparc Engineers
graham headshot
Graham Immerman
Chief Commercial Officer, MachineMetrics


Many manufacturers understand the value of autonomously collecting data but then are unsure of how to use it to drive key use cases.

After all, data has unlimited applications and many organizations simply don't have dedicated personnel to focus exclusively on data and process improvement. It can be overwhelming.

Where should you begin? How can you start to drive actionability on your production data?

To tackle this challenge, Matt Townsend of Sparc Engineers joins us to discuss a practical approach for using production data to deliver value for both the shop floor and the bottom line.

  • What low-hanging use cases are available?
  • What areas of the operation can production data offer value?
  • Who should own these continuous improvement initiatives?

Matt has extensive experience managing data-driven programs in a variety of organizations. He has used MachineMetrics in multiple roles, enabling rapid improvements in efficiency, and comes to the table with an approach that allows production and operations leaders to start taking advantage of their most important asset: data.