Deploying Manufacturing Analytics in Highly Regulated Industries



Jacob A
Jacob Lauzier
Chief Technology Officer, MachineMetrics
Harvey Ruback
Partner Solutions Architect, AWS


A myth exists in regulated industries that cloud-based solutions threaten compliance due to a lack of security and stability. This level of caution can only be expected when needing to comply with strict internal, federal, and international regulations, which often results in manufacturers assuming on-premise solutions are required.

This myth generally stems from a lack of understanding about the maturity and adoption of the cloud and the services available to manufacturers. Cloud software has become significantly more secure and stable over the past decade, offering significant benefits over traditional on-premise solutions while not threatening security or compliance.

Hosts from MachineMetrics and AWS will address this myth head-on, discuss the differences between cloud and on-premise solutions, and explain how to effectively deploy production analytics without hindering compliance and security.