Webinar: Equipment-as-a-Service for Machine Tool Builders

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A new industrial revolution dubbed Industry 4.0 has arrived, reshaping the foundations of many industries and bringing down the walls between others as the boundaries between suppliers, producers and consumers and, in some cases, between whole industries shift.

Within the last few years, technology has advanced to the point that factories can be connected in a holistic manner, allowing greater visibility and actionable insights presented in real time. As the level of connectivity increases exponentially among equipment, the attachment of IIoT technology such as edge computing devices, sensors, monitors and other devices creates a network of fully connected equipment. These changes set the stage for the development of a model for Equipment-as-a-Service.

Watch this live webinar recording featuring Sandy D'Souza, Director Strategic Alliances at Fiix Software. You'll learn about the arrival and benefits of the Equipment-as-a-Service model for manufacturing.

Join our hosts:
Sandy D'Souza
Sandy D'Souza
Director Strategic Alliances, Fiix Software
Graham new headshot-1
Graham Immerman
VP of Marketing, MachineMetrics