Tooling Optimization Calculator

When tools break, it can be costly. A tool can become damaged yet still make parts that seem to spec, but those parts end up often getting scrapped. Subtle anomalies in machine load, torque, acceleration, and spindle speed can cause parts to be made outside of required tolerances. With MachineMetrics: Predictive, manufacturers can now diagnose, predict, and avoid these tooling and quality issues before they cost you time and money. We built this calculator to show you exactly what those savings look like!
Predictive Calculation Variables How much do you spend on tooling per machine per month? ($)
What's the average remaining Tool Life when changing tool (%)?
How many parts are scrapped when a tool fails (break or wears)?
What is the average cost of a part?
What's the average downtime (hours) from tooling issues per machine per month?
What's the hourly billing rate of a machine?
Select percentage: If you were to see a
25% 50% 75% 100%
decrease in costs related to tooling using MachineMetrics Predictive, then you would yield the following results:
Tooling Inefficiency Cost
Scrap Costs
Productivity Loss Cost
Daily Savings per Machine
Monthly Savings per Machine
Annual Savings Per Machine
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