Empowering ERP with Machine Data



Rutherford Wilson
Chief Product Officer


Production monitoring and analytics enable manufacturers to make better decisions on a daily basis, but basic monitoring solutions leave a gap between the shop floor and the rest of the operation. Many functions continue to operate in legacy systems like ERP — including scheduling, quoting and planning — but these capabilities lack the accurate data to be optimized.

MachineMetrics' analytics platform contextualizes production data with key operational data from your ERP to deliver valuable use cases at every level of the operation. With data from the ERP integration, shop floor personnel can improve and optimize production schedules, price and quote accurately, and better understand the status of work orders and jobs.


  • Improving scheduling capabilities and accuracy with machine data
  • Tracking the estimated completion time of a job based on historical data
  • The bidirectional capabilities of MachineMetrics and ERP systems