Case Study

MachineMetrics Drives Operational Improvements for Flexco


Jordan Kathe
Jordan Kathe
Senior Operations Excellence Engineer, Flexco
Bill Bither
Bill Bither
Co-Founder & CEO, MachineMetrics
Peter Kjeldgaard
Peter Kjeldgaard
Global Alliance Manager, Industrials, AWS


“It works, it’s clear. MachineMetrics has the best ability to collect data across machines. We didn’t want to be in a position where we had different data collection solutions across different equipment. We thought we would have to go down the custom development route but MachineMetrics solved this.” - Jordan Kathe, Industrial Engineer, Flexco

Holding more than 185 patents, Flexco produces key components such as belt fasteners, cleaners, and maintenance products for a broad global customer base. With a deep commitment to customer success, Flexco employs a continuous improvement strategy that focuses on increasing uptime and productivity within customers’ operations as well as their own.

Flexco required an accurate understanding of production metrics to optimize their production planning and on-time delivery of goods. However, despite experimenting with multiple IoT vendors, the ability to connect machines, drive actionable insights, and drive value quickly remained a challenge.

After implementing MachineMetrics, Flexco was able to collect, standardize, and analyze production data within a matter of days to pinpoint key opportunities for improvement. With these newfound insights, the company was able to identify and exploit the hidden capacity in their production equipment to meet rapidly growing product demand and ensure on-time delivery.

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