State of the Industry: The Future is Now for Remote Work

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced manufacturers worldwide to adjust to changes in demand for their products and services as well as pivot workforce practices to comply with health-related restrictions. In an industry dominated by human-machine interaction, this pandemic has accelerated digital transformation solutions that enable manufacturers to both retain and improve performance standards.

Whether or not government policy exists to prevent the physical presence of employees on the shop floor, there has been a strong shift among manufacturers towards remote work strategies. Although many factories depend on in-person operators to keep machines running, it is entirely possible (not to mention more efficient) to significantly reduce the number of people needed to maintain operations.

In this on-demand webinar with Benjamin Wald, Founder and Head of Client Strategy at Very and Sandy D'Souza, Director Strategic Alliances at Fiix Software, we discuss how manufacturers are quickly adopting remote work solutions to enable their workforce. 

Join our hosts:
Benjamin Wald
Benjamin Wald
Founder and Head of Client Strategy, Very
Sandy D'Souza
Sandy D'Souza
Director Strategic Alliances, Fiix Software
Graham new headshot-1
Graham Immerman
VP of Marketing, MachineMetrics