Customer Testimonial

Data Insights Uncover Untapped Machine Capacity at General Grind & Machine



Blake Bieri
Chief Operating Officer, GGM


For over forty years, General Grind & Machine has been dedicated to serving customers across industries that include heavy equipment, mining, precision components, and agriculture, always taking pride in their ability to offer high quality, competitively-priced products, that are delivered on time.

As part of a recent continuous improvement initiative, General Grind has been working towards increasing OEE to improve throughput, allowing them to continue their growth trajectory and boost their levels of customer service.

In this video, Chief Operating Officer Blake Bieri discusses the impact of partnering with MachineMetrics to gain complete control over his machine and operational data, allowing his team to:

  • Reduce downtimes and identify production bottlenecks
  • Improve reaction time to factory floor issues
  • Gain full control over machine capacity, to the tune of 6,900 hours
  • Increase machine utilization by 100%

"It's eye-opening when you see the data and realize how much potential there is." - Blake Bieri, COO of General Grind & Machine

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