How to Prepare Your Shop Floor for IIoT



Eric A
Eric Fogg
CCO and Co-Founder, MachineMetrics
Jacob A
Jacob Lauzier
CTO and Co-Founder, MachineMetrics


In the face of a shortage of skilled labor, increasing market competition, and major supply chain disruptions, digital transformation driven by IIoT solutions holds significant promise for the manufacturing industry.

However, many manufacturers are hesitant to adopt IIoT due to the perceived high failure rates among IoT pilots or simply feeling unprepared for the digitization of their organization.

Join MachineMetrics’ Co-Founders Eric Fogg and Jacob Lauzier to learn how you can prepare your team and your shop floor for IIoT solutions. We’ll talk about important change management considerations to make the implementation seamless for your team and established corporate culture, as well as how to ensure that your data remains secure throughout the process.

Whether you're just getting started with IIoT or looking to overcome any reluctance to adopt the technology, this webinar will equip you with the insights needed to take your shop floor to the next level.