How to Use Notifications and Workflows to Optimize Processes



The MachineMetrics Platform allows our customers to create trigger-based notifications for everything from set up stages, downtime, tooling changes, and much more. These notifications are not to simply let someone know something is wrong; they are to enable action and improve processes on and off the shop floor in order to optimize machine operation, empower operators, and increase the bottom line. 

What starts with gathering data off of your machines should result in action taken to improve! This is what MachineMetrics enables through the notifications within our Platform. Join Cullen McLarty, Customer Success Support Manager to learn more! 

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • How MachineMetrics enables our customers to easily use notifications that trigger workflows
  • How these workflows enable optimization of processes, on and off the shop floor 
  • How these process improvements optimize machine performance and increase your bottom line 


Join our host:
Cullen McLarty_72-1
Cullen McLarty
Customer Success Support Manager MachineMetrics