Webinar Recording

How to Improve Your MES/ERP (and Other Shop Floor Systems) With Machine Data



Cullen McLarty
Technical Product Manager, Partner Integrations
John-Daly-MachineMetrics-black and white
John Daly
Senior Account Executive


Whether you operate one machine shop or a large, multi-factory organization, you likely have a management system (such as an ERP or MES) in place to monitor and manage operational performance.

What if you could immediately improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your management system?

With a solution like MachineMetrics, real-time production data can be sent to key management systems as well as function-specific software solutions (like CMMs and quoting solutions), making manual data collection and paper-based tracking systems a thing of the past.

With critical shop floor data such as cycle times, downtimes, part counts, machine conditions and more, your shop floor systems can help you make better decisions while automating other activities.

In this webinar, MachineMetrics will discuss the importance of integrating equipment with shop floor systems as well as quick wins you can pursue to gain efficiency and unlock operational insights.