Improving Operational Efficiency with Industrial IoT

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Improving Operational Efficiency with Industrial Iot: Ebook download 

Industrial IoT involves the connectivity of all aspects of a factory's assets. 

A study by the American Association for Quality found that those businesses shifting to digital processes and Industrial IoT have seen as high as 82% increase in efficiency accompanied with 49% less defects. 

The connection and data that IoT can produce isn’t simply contained to the factory floor but can extend well beyond to include many areas of the business like the entire supply chain, from raw resources, inventory management, demand forecasting, all the way through production and shipping. The ability to get down to the raw data allows the optimization of all business processes, which leads to growth.

Within this ebook, we outline some of the barriers manufacturers must overcome in embracing Industrial IoT as well as the efficiency benefits to specific areas and operations overall. 

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