Webinar Recording

Unlocking Accurate Production Data with Machine Connectivity



Graham A
Graham Immerman
VP of Marketing, MachineMetrics
Jacob A
Jacob Lauzier
CTO, MachineMetrics


Connecting to machines is too freaking hard.

Between the many industrial protocols, various machine brands, and different models of equipment, it’s a major challenge for manufacturers to collect and standardize OT asset data.

This lack of data leads to massive inefficiencies as manufacturers cope with manual data collection strategies and DIY IoT solutions.

The goal of machine connectivity is to provide simple, scalable, interoperable connectivity and data collection that is immediately available for actionability. Done correctly, this puts accurate, real-time data in the hands of stakeholders across the operation, for complete production visibility and limitless use cases.

In this webinar, Chief Customer Officer Eric Fogg and CTO Jacob Lauzier join us to discuss:

  • The challenges associated with machine connectivity.
  • The main components involved with connecting and standardizing data from all types of equipment (including legacy assets).
  • How manufacturers can select the right solution for their operation.