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The Machine Data Digital Thread


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Graham Immerman
VP of Marketing
Bill A
Bill Bither
Co-Founder & CEO



Manufacturing produces more data than any other major industry in the world, yet has been slow to adopt the digital mindset transforming industries like agriculture, banking, and healthcare. 

Manual data collection is time-consuming and inaccurate. Operating on gut instinct alone leads to inefficiencies and poor decision-making that affect every component of a company’s operation from significant downtime to production losses. There are ways to connect and fully harness this data by embracing the digital thread. 

We’re in the age of Industry 4.0 and manufacturers need every edge they can get to stay competitive. Your machines generate hundreds of data points every millisecond, all of which tell a story. The questions remain: What happened in the past? What’s happening now? What will happen next?  The answer: The Digital Thread


  • What is the digital thread?
  • Best practices in digital thread management
  • How manufactures build an effect digital thread
  • Harnessing the data you already have


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