Driving A Successful ERP Implementation with Real-time Data

Webinar series 
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Most manufacturers struggle with the management of a multitude of customers, delivery schedules, suppliers, manufacturing resources, and factory-floor work orders. Mix in the HR and financial components, and manufacturing quickly becomes a highly complex organization. This is what makes ERPs the backbone of a company’s decision-making process and one of the most critical components of a manufacturer aside from the people and machinery. 

While ERP systems and IoT would seem to be an instant match, many companies have not fully realized the value in linking the two to allow ERP systems to leverage the power of connected data. For the manufacturers that recognize full value in an ERP solution, MachineMetrics is here to help. MachineMetrics’ Industrial IoT Platform is not designed to replace an ERP, but instead, work alongside and develop a level of synergy with the existing ERP, leveraging real-time data to update job standards, track downtime, hone shipping costs, help manage and forecast inventory and more.  

Join us for this webinar where we will discuss enhancing ERP capability with IoT data and the advantages that come along with it.

Within this webinar, you will learn how integrating your ERP with an IoT platform will: 

  • Improve data availability for decision-makers
  • Catalyze a better understanding of what is happening on the shopfloor 
  • Improve customer service 
  • Reduce downtime and increases downtime tracking 
  • Optimize capital utilization
  • Allow for real-time scheduling 
  • Improve all communication within the organization  
  • Improve forecasting
Join our host:
Matt Bruner Headshot
Matt Bruner
Account Executive, MachineMetrics