MachineMetrics MES System: Powered by Real-Time Production Data

MachineMetrics MES solution uses real-time production data to monitor, manage, and optimize processes, ensuring complete control. Enable instant visibility, notifications, and automation to unlock efficiencies in your operation.

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Lacking Operational Visibility?
MES Systems have historically failed Legacy MES systems are primitive in their approach to managing manufacturing operations. Data is delayed, non-existent, or grossly inaccurate. The common approach tends to be process and material centric, constricting manufacturers to inefficient workflows and processes as a result of poor decision-making.
The Impact of an Asset-Data Centric Approach MachineMetrics IoT-enabled MES software autonomously collects and standardizes real-time production data for instant visibility into operations. With out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, stakeholders from the shop floor to the top floor can make better, faster decisions.
Enter IoT Enabled Systems

The Benefits of an IoT-Enabled MES System

The effective connectivity, capture and transformation of machine, product, and people data lays the foundation for rapid, iterative value creation through analytics that can be packaged and deployed across an enterprise. Development of an automated data collection and transformation infrastructure is the first and most important step in any Industry 4.0 journey. Core functions of MES, along with various other functions and technology offerings, layer on top of this infrastructure, if and when they are required.

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Automate Machine Data Collection and Standardization
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Complete Visibility with Pre-Built Reports and Dashboards
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Automate Processes with Instant Notifications
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Identify & Reduce Inefficiencies with Accurate Production Data
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Reduce Wastes and Costs, Eliminate Unplanned Downtime
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Increase Capacity and Profits in a Matter of Weeks

What to look for in an MES

Automated Data Collection

MachineMetrics can connect to any make and model of equipment to autonomously collect and standardize data, all in a matter of hours. Our out-of-the-box MES software solution enables quick connectivity, easy scalability, and fast time-to-value, avoiding the typical headaches of an MES deployment.


Visibility Across the Operation

Real-time dashboards and reports can be accessed anytime, anywhere with MachineMetrics cloud platform. Front line workers have instant shop floor visibility to spot any issues and resolve them quickly. With monitors installed at each machine and above the shop floor, all levels of the operation have insight into performance.


Optimize and Automate Processes

Leveraging real-time data, enable instant notifications for key stakeholders and kick off workflows to optimize processes across maintenance, quality, downtime events, and more. Analyze historical data to spot trends, alleviate production bottlenecks, and increase capacity.


Platform Extensibility

Machine data acts as the foundation of shop floor visibility and control. It fuels decision-making, process optimization, and automation. With MachineMetrics, standardized data is available for use across MES, ERP, CMMS, and other key management systems to ensure their associated functions are based on accurate, real-time production data.

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