Case Study

Industry 4.0 for Metal Formers & Fabricators



Dan Tuttle
Manufacturing Manager, Flexco


Dan Tuttle, Manufacturing Manager, shares his team's Industry 4.0 journey while deploying MachineMetrics.

Flexco was reliant on manual data capture and analysis, spending 8-10 hours per week compiling and analyzing data. Upon deploying MachineMetrics, Dan learned his stamping presses had a utilization of just 20% and downtime could not be properly accounted for.

On top of this, Flexco found themselves in a 4.3 Million stroke backlog in the middle of the Covid pandemic.

Leveraging MachineMetrics, Dan and his team had insight into how much downtime was occurring, and why it was occurring. This data could then be used to focus on the most common causes of downtime during weekly meetings.

They were also able to access hidden capacity, increase the number of strokes per shift, increase utilization, and resolve the backorder problem.

A little more about Flexco: 

Holding more than 185 patents, Flexco produces belt fasteners, cleaners, and maintenance products for a broad global customer base. The organization is deeply committed to customer success and employs a continuous improvement strategy that focuses on increasing uptime and productivity in both customer operations as well as its own.

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