Morgan Olson

Morgan Olson Achieves 72% Machine Utilization with MachineMetrics on AWS
Morgan Olson Achieves 72% Machine Utilization with MachineMetrics

Morgan Olson is a leading walk-in van body manufacturer based out of North America. When their Michigan plant was struggling to get accurate machine utilization data from its paper-based approach, they implemented MachineMetrics to capture and analyze real-time production data.

In this case study co-produced with AWS, Continuous Improvement Manager Denis Mursoi reveals how Morgan Olson was able to boost machine utilization by 20% and avoid spending hundreds of thousands on machines by revealing hidden capacity. Now his organization has plans to roll out machine monitoring to several other plants.

Learn how Morgan Olson used MachineMetrics to:

  • Get access to real-time production data for visibility into the shop floor and better decision-making
  • Move from a paper-based approach to automatically collecting and analyzing production data
  • Boost machine utilization by 20% in a matter of months
  • Eliminate expensive outsourcing and bring the work in-house with the newly identified unused capacity
  • Capture operator data to identify production bottlenecks and machine downtimes

“With MachineMetrics, you can see exactly what happened on any date, within seconds. There’s no guessing or looking through piles and piles of paper.” - Denis Mursoi, Continuous Improvement Manager, Morgan Olson

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