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Actionable Insights in Minutes: Morgan Olson Drives Bottom Line Impact with MachineMetrics



Denis Mursoi
Denis Mursoi
Continuous Improvement Manager, Morgan Olson


Morgan Olson is a leading walk-in van body manufacturer based out of North America. Historically, Morgan Olson relied on a paper-based approach for tracking utilization which resulted in inaccurate, delayed data that was time-consuming to collect, compile, and analyze. This hindered decision-making significantly and left them blind to various opportunities related to capacity utilization.

With little idea of how much capacity was available on the shop floor, Morgan Olson deployed MachineMetrics to automatically capture machine data, report the true capacity of the plant, and provide the foundation for numerous other continuous improvement initiatives.

In this video, Continuous Improvement Manager Denis Mursoi highlights the challenges Morgan Olson faced, its application of MachineMetrics, and the results, including how Morgan Olson was able to:

  • Get access to real-time production data for visibility into the shop floor to improve decision-making
  • Move from a paper-based approach to automatically collecting and analyzing production data
  • Boost machine utilization by 20% in a matter of months
  • Save $600,000 in capital expenditures and reduce waste by 50%
  • Eliminate expensive outsourcing and bring the work in-house with the newly identified unused capacity
  • Capture operator data to identify production bottlenecks and machine downtimes

“Now that we’ve been introduced to MachineMetrics, I can’t imagine life without it.” - Denis Mursoi, Continuous Improvement Manager, Morgan Olson

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