Webinar Recording

Introducing Operator Triggered-Workflows: Automating Communication from the Machine



Cullen Mclarty
Cullen Mclarty
Technical Product Manager
Justin Garland
Justin Garland
Director of Sales


Many manufacturers inadvertently generate excessive amounts of unplanned downtime when they neglect inefficient communication systems.

In these scenarios, operators are forced to physically trek across the factory floor to find the person or equipment they need to solve a problem, introducing huge delays and lags in production. 

With MachineMetrics’ new Operator-Triggered Workflows, operators can actively improve productivity and reduce downtime.

Our latest feature allows factory workers to easily request help, with specific instructions and from the right person, by triggering workflows within the operator dashboard.

Watch the webinar to learn about this new feature as well as the top 5 use cases MM customers are using it for!