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The Death of MES and The Rise of the Connected Factory Ecosystem



Bill Blog Author
Bill Bither
CEO and Co-Founder, MachineMetrics


Let’s be honest, everyone hates their MES platform. And for good reason: They try to do too much and do nothing well. They rely on manual data entry. They don’t integrate with other systems. They are expensive and time-consuming to maintain and update.

Today’s market conditions require manufacturers to be more agile and innovative than ever before with access to fewer skilled workers. To meet this level of demand, manufacturers can’t afford to be held captive by the systems of the past.

Fortunately, a new school of thought is emerging. Visionary software companies are working together to accelerate our industry’s ability to connect, optimize, adapt, and evolve. It’s time to start driving your own future without compromise. Is this the death of MES, as we know it?