A Review of The State of the Industry for Discrete Manufacturing

Webinar series 

With IoT coming to maturity and achieving market penetration, we have on our hands a whole new arsenal of data to drive decisions with.
In an increasingly complex manufacturing environment, manufacturers are looking for any edge they can get to remain competitive in a heavily globalized economy.

Over the last 3 years, MachineMetrics has collected data directly from the controls and sensors of thousands of machine tools. These machines span across hundreds of companies in the United States, representing all kinds of machine tools in all types of industries. This data was released in a “State of the Industry” report earlier this year, and now we will explore the findings together in this webinar with our Chief Data Scientist and Head of Machine Connectivity. 

Register for this webinar to learn about industry trends revealed in the data that confirm many gut feelings about the industry and what it means for manufacturers.

Join our host:
Lou B
Lou Zhang
Chief Data Scientist, MachineMetrics
Eric A
Eric Fogg
Co-Founder and Head of Machine Connectivity, MachineMetrics