The Cloud Advantage: Benefits, Compliance & Security

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Things have changed. Digital transformation is about changing business models and about companies not just taking advantage of the huge opportunities created by these latest technologies but preparing for their constant evolution.

While the introduction of cloud-based data management systems has caused a bit of a culture shock for manufacturers, the benefits are far too significant to ignore. Increasingly more companies are developing or moving their workloads to the cloud by the day, aiming to migrate everything onto the cloud over the next few years. This digitization of data has enabled them to deliver competitive advantages in an ever-competitive landscape.

As businesses become more digital, there are more inherent cybersecurity risks. Further scrutiny has been placed on a business's ability to develop and maintain its IT security throughout this transition period. However, businesses can no longer afford to sit idly by and accept their current security status quo. As moving to cloud software requires a willingness to move potentially sensitive production data beyond the safety of the businesses’ four walls, many companies will need to usher in a company-wide IT culture change. Despite those hurdles, organizations that have adopted the cloud are finding that, when it comes to the benefits, the sky’s the limit.

Within this webinar, you will learn: 

  • The Basics- benefits, security, and compliance regarding the cloud 
  • Why AWS and MachineMetrics
  • How AWS and MachineMetrics work together to leverage the cloud for our customers 
  • The Future- how the cloud enables the manufacturing vertical and what the future looks like 
  • Use cases like efficacy for the supply chain, aggregating data for predictive analytics, and machine builders 



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Join our hosts:
Jacob A
Jacob Lauzier
Co-Founder and CTO, MachineMetrics
tom jones headshot
Tom Jones
Ecosystem Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Graham new headshot-1
Graham Immerman
VP of Marketing, MachineMetrics