ON Demand Webinar

Introducing MachineMetrics Workflows: Enabling Factory Floor Automation with Equipment Data



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Justin Garland
Sales Engineer
Paul Richards
Software Engineer
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Jacob Lauzier
Co-Founder & CTO
Cullen McLarty
Customer Success Engineer


MachineMetrics is focused on making data consumable by manufacturers so they can take action on that data to improve productivity. One way we do this is by providing the technology necessary to create actionable workflows that can automate portions of production and process. 

Using MachineMetrics, we are now enabling our customers to merge insights into “Workflows”. These workflows start with insights derived from machine monitoring data which act as triggers to automatically fire off actions- notifications, incidents, or webhooks. Workflows are all about communicating the right information to the right person at the right time. After all, the value realized by data is not just in the discovery of machine or process inefficiencies, but instead in enabling corrective/preventative action that, in the end, improves the operation of the machine.

Once you are able to harness the machine data digital thread, opportunities for automation are endless. Our launch of MachineMetrics Workflows is a remarkable step forward in enabling flexible actionability on this data. This webinar will explore some of the top workflows that benefit manufacturers by creating automation on the factory floor - saving time, increasing productivity, and positively impacting capacity.