Webinar Recording

Top Rapid Value Driving Use Cases for MachineMetrics



Justin Garland
Justin Garland
Director of Sales
Eric Fogg
Eric Fogg
Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer


Machine data represents the foundation of the digital thread, empowering an unlimited number of use cases to optimize and automate business processes, allowing manufacturers to grow their business and differentiate themselves competitively.

In this live webinar, we will be discussing the top use cases for MachineMetrics that drive value quickly and help manufacturers get to ROI fast.

Your machine data is essential to understanding your operation and taking action to resolve problems out on the shop floor fast. Learn how you can get started quickly with these five use cases:

  • Faster downtime & alarm resolution
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Process Optimization around the machine
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Job Standard Optimization


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