Webinar Recording

Transform Your Approach to Maintenance with Condition Monitoring



Eric A
Eric Fogg
Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, MachineMetrics


Today, the majority of the manufacturing industry operates with primitive maintenance strategies, often maintaining their equipment based on a reactive or calendar-based approach.

Essentially, the choice has been to either maintain equipment on a schedule or simply wait until it fails—neither being an efficient nor optimal solution. As a result, manufacturers incur a staggering amount of waste in the form of unnecessary maintenance expenses or large amounts of machine downtime.

Here's the thing: machines know when maintenance needs to be done, whether it be measurable conditions that rise over time (such as vibration or temperature) or whether it be subtle anomalies in machine load, torque, acceleration and spindle speed that can indicate potential failures.

The solution? Start driving your maintenance program with real-time machine data.

In this webinar, MachineMetrics will explore how condition monitoring solutions make it easy for any manufacturer to make proactive decisions based on the current health of their equipment, dramatically reducing downtime and maintenance costs and allowing maintenance teams to do more with less.


  • The different types of condition-based monitoring
  • A rundown on some of the common techniques used to monitor assets
  • The top rapid-value driving condition monitoring use case