Using API's to Extend Your MachineMetrics Data



At MachineMetrics, our mission has always been to provide manufacturers with the data and insights they need to increase productivity, win more business, and stay competitive. Beyond collection and display, the data we collect can be extended and used in a host of ways. The MachineMetrics Platform is extensible at multiple levels including at the edge, via API access to data in the cloud, and through our operator interface. This enables our manufacturing customers and partners to leverage their deep domain expertise to add their own unique IP to the platform and optimize the value created for our mutual data consumers. This webinar will explore API's, how they are currently being used by our customers to extend the data, and what's on our roadmap for API's in the near future. 

Join us for this webinar where we will discuss extending your MachineMetrics data using API's. Within this webinar, you will learn how using MachineMetrics' API's can: 

  • Improve communication and data consistency across your factory
  • Automate job imports 
  • Enable development of custom applications 
  • Integrate production data into your ERP for job standard optimization 
  • Provide you total control over how your data displays 
  • Allow you to perform custom calculations and visuals 
  • Enable custom dashboards 
  • Influence and automate portions of your supply chain 
Join our host:
ctodd headshot
CTodd Lombardo
VP of Product, MachineMetrics
Reed Branson Headshot
Reed Branson
Software Engineering Manager, MachineMetrics