Using Performance Data to Hone Your Job Standards


Accurate job standards can make or break the operational and financial success of a manufacturer. Lack of real-time validation methods for setup and cycle times leads to overall poor forecasting and the impact is felt throughout the organization. Operators are discouraged by unrealistic goals, on time delivery goals are a struggle to meet, and profit margins are slimmer than quoted. Manufacturers need a robust and fast way to compare their standards against every part manufactured and use that information to hone their standards.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • How MachineMetrics enables our customers to easily verify job standards against real performance data
  • How honing your job standards can help you price your parts better and schedule jobs more accurately
  • How to create a feedback loop for updating setup and cycle times and achieve operational excellence


Join our host:
Stacy A
Stacy Pease
Director of Customer Success MachineMetrics