Case Study

Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings at VSS with MachineMetrics



Steve Capshaw VSS CEO
Steve Capshaw
President, VSS


VSS, an advanced manufacturer specializing in complex components for various industries including aerospace and oil & gas, faced challenges in managing their 24-hour production operations. Their traditional reactive management approach led to production shortfalls, such as being 20% short on part counts at the end of a week, which hindered their ability to meet planned targets.

Discontent with the outdated IT solutions previously available, which lagged five to ten years behind current standards, VSS implemented MachineMetrics. This platform provided real-time data and actionable insights, allowing managers to monitor part counts hourly and swiftly address issues to avoid deficits.

The platform's intuitive interface requires no training and can be operated on various devices. It enhances managerial efficiency by providing data visibility and enabling proactive problem-solving through automated alerts sent via text or email, regardless of the manager's location.

By adopting MachineMetrics, VSS achieved a 10% efficiency increase simply through data visibility. Proactive issue resolution further boosted their efficiency gains to 20%. This heightened efficiency translates into cost savings, more output per hour, and significantly reduced expenses for parts, directly benefiting the company's bottom line.

With projected savings of one to two million dollars in capital expenditures over the next three years, MachineMetrics has not only provided VSS with a substantial increase in efficiency but also supported their rapid growth trajectory without the need for extensive additional capital investment.

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