AccuRounds Case Study

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One manufacturer's continuous improvement journey
AccuRounds  is a second-generation family-owned machine shop based in Avon, Massachusetts that set out to measure the efficiency of processes on their machines by working with MachineMetrics. Recording and documenting things with pen and paper prior to the implementation, information was getting lost and the company was in need of a digital transformation. 
Within a year of implementing MachineMetrics, they had connected twenty-three machines and were driving process improvements and greater collaboration between engineers and machinists. Because of AccuRounds’ history of building a strong culture from the front office to the shop floor, the team worked to deliberately manage the tensions that came to the surface during their first few months after installation.
Within this case study, you will learn:
  • How AccuRounds prepared for the roll out and installation of MachineMetrics 
  • What challenges they anticipated before installation
  • The perspective of their operators before and after the implementation
  • What AccuRounds did to leverage MachineMetrics to support and transform their shop culture 
  • The gains they have seen since using MachineMetrics

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