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Top 5 Articles About Machine Monitoring | MachineMetrics

Eric Fogg
June 16, 2016

You know the drill. Everything goes great, until it doesn’t – and that goes double for the machines on your shop floor.

Machine monitoring seems like a great solution, but you’ve got some questions about how effective it is, right? Not to mention how to get started...

We’re here for you. And to save you some time, we’ve collected our favorite articles from Modern Machine Shop about machine monitoring. Keep reading to see how companies...

No need to thank us!

1.) How to Boost OEE with Automated Machine Tool Monitoring

This pieces includes a handy five-step process for implementing shop floor monitoring.

“Automated monitoring systems, such as those based on the MTConnect standard, make it possible to collect data that give managers, engineers and operators real-time information about shopfloor activities to help them make quicker and better decisions.”


2.) Getting Started with Machine Monitoring

What it says on the tin.

“Companies that are already practicing lean manufacturing techniques are turning to machine-monitoring systems to help them reinforce the habit of continually trimming down on activities that don’t add value for the customer.”


3.) Determining Machining Effectiveness, Not Guessing It

You know what they say about making assumptions.

“Through OEE, the senior machining engineer can easily see how three prime equipment utilization metrics—availability, performance and quality—affect the production of key components.”


4.) Machine Monitoring: No Place to Hide

Getting a real-time snapshot of your shop floor activities may shine a spotlight on some areas for improvement. This piece doesn’t sugarcoat the realities of what machine monitoring may find, but the benefits far outweigh some momentary discomfort.

“Don’t let negative findings overshadow signs of positive factors at play. Use data as a starting point for inquiry, especially “appreciative inquiry” that focuses on using what’s good to get better.”


5.) How to Increase Machining Efficiency through Machine Monitoring

No argument here: having access to your shop floor data makes all the difference between efficient and… well… not.

“If there is one simple idea that has framed and guided all of Tech Manufacturing’s process improvement since its current owners bought the aircraft-industry machine shop in 2003, then that simple idea is this: The procedures that seem efficient and the procedures that are efficient might be two different things. And telling the difference requires data.”


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