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Carolina Precision Technologies
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Carolina Precision Case Study

Carolina Precision Technologies is a market leader in manufacturing tight tolerance parts for the Medical device and Aerospace industries. Their goal is to provide customers with outstanding products and precision machined parts that not only exceed expectations, but offer an unparalleled level of customer service.In an industry with razor thin margins, CPT recognized that the keys to growth and success were in efficiency and quality. They understood the importance of keeping tabs on production stats, job status, uptime, and setups. Thus, it became imperative to install a system that would deliver the data they need to increase productivity, win more business, and remain globally competitive

The Problem
Poor production visibility and manual data entry lead to inefficiency and delays
CPT struggled with a general lack of real-time visibility to what was happening on the shop floor. There was no way to know how well jobs were coming along in real-time. Inefficient setup procedures had simply never been analyzed or augmented previously. There was no way of knowing, collecting, or analyzing the primary reasons for downtime. Previous efforts to collect data manually were found to be not only inaccurate and inefficient, but not actionable. Historically, CPT had an employee dedicated to the manual collection of utilization data. That manual tracking, however, was prone to significant errors and was both tedius and time consuming (upwards of over 2 hours per day).
The Solution
The MachineMetrics Advantage

For CPT, AWS Industrial Software Partner MachineMetrics was able to immediately eliminate the inefficiency and inaccuracy of manual data collection via paper from the shop floor. MachineMetrics Dashboards were installed on TV’s across the shop floor to display real-time machine performance. Tablets mounted at each machine for operator feedback for downtime and quality tracking.  If a job fell behind production goals, the color of the tile changed, and text notifications were sent to managers to that action could be taken immediately instead of waiting for the next day or even next week. All of CPT's data was now automatically gathered into MachineMetric's virtual private multi-tenant cloud hosted by AWS, allowing for detailed reporting and analytics to help management identify the most significant problems to identify specific production bottlenecks.

Leveraging the scalability, flexibility, reliability, security, and cost effectiveness of the AWS software stack, MachineMetrics was also able to motivate operators to keep up with their goals and improve their job satisfaction. “Keeping it in the green” has become a mantra across the shop floor. Operators are able to make faster decisions to improve production speed, availability, and quality, which has enhanced shop floor communication and morale.


"One of the first big lessons we learned about machine monitoring was it is a tool for finding problems that we didn’t know we had; for finding and addressing the issues as they came up and not after they had happened. Within the first 30 days of installing MachineMetrics, a single operator improved 4 jobs in his cell.. We calculated it will save us over 900 hours of annual labor as a result!

Analyzing the data can discover the root cause of the issue, and make real time changes while relieving communication issues between teams. MachineMetrics holds operators accountable for keeping up with their goals for the current shift - so our team can spend more time working on the harder problems that historical data allows us to identify and measure. The information we get changes the way we work. 

I look at it this way: Essentially, machine monitoring is free. We are on track to see at least a 20% increase in shop productivity in our first year with monitoring. That more than pays for the system.”

Gary Bruner, President, Carolina Precision

Both facilities experienced a 20% increase in machine utilization within the first three months.
"MachineMetrics enabled CPM to increase capacity by $1.5 million in 2016 with no additional machines!"
—Gary Bruner
President of Carolina Precision Manufacturing
The Metrics
20% Increase in machine utilization
730 Administrative hours saved per year
25K Additional machine hours per year
$41K Increase in billings per machine
$1.5M Increase in billings per year
11 Days to reach ROI
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Increasing Capacity by $1.5mm in year-one

This case study details all of the fantastic gains that Gary Bruner, President and CEO of CPM, was able to see after implementing MachineMetrics. Learn how MachineMetrics helped Carolina Precision Manufacturing, a small-diameter, close-tolerance CNC Swiss turned parts manufacturer, save over $1.5 million in their first year of machine monitoring.

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