Webinar Recording

Data-Driven Maintenance: How to Easily Transform Your Approach to Keeping Your Machines Healthy



Ryan Chan Upkeep
Ryan Chan
Founder and CEO, UpKeep
Graham Immerman
Graham Immerman
VP of Marketing, MachineMetrics


Manufacturers understand that maintenance is a make-or-break activity, especially in high-dollar, fast-moving, and high-competition verticals. Maintenance strategies of time past (such as reactive or calendar-based maintenance) simply can't cut it in today's fast-moving world. Manufacturers still using these practices are quickly falling off the map.

So, how do you take your manufacturing company from a state of reactive maintenance to predictive and prescriptive maintenance? How do you reap the benefits of a modern maintenance strategy while avoiding pitfalls along the way?

In this webinar, members of MachineMetrics and UpKeep discussed leveraging technology to quickly transform your maintenance strategy. They also demonstrated the power of our new combined offering that enables manufacturing teams to monitor the health of equipment in real-time to automatically trigger maintenance activities.

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